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Have fun with some Panacabulary!

Italian is a beautiful and expressive language, which is great because when you enjoy a Panarottis Pizza or Pasta, you can truly express how good it is! Capiche?

Here’s a quick starter guide to essential Italian words and phrases...

Hi! ~ Ciao!
Enjoy your meal ~ Buon Appetito
Really beautiful! ~ Bellissima
Good morning! ~ Buongiorno!
Good evening! ~ Buona sera!
Welcome! (to greet someone) ~ Benvenuto!/ Benvenuta! (female)
How are you? ~ Come stai?
I'm fine, thanks! ~ Sto Bene, grazie!
And you? ~ e tu?
Good/So-So ~ Bene /così e così.
Thank you (very much) ~ Grazie (molto)!
Family ~ Famiglia
Big ~ Grande
Delicious! ~ Delizioso


Now it’s your turn! Begin teaching these magnifico Italian words and phrases to your kids and share he famiglia’s progess with us on our Facebook page!


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